Beeline is one of the top mobile operators in Uzbekistan. As a tourist visiting Uzbekistan, getting a Beeline SIM card can help you stay connected so you can call, text, use mobile data and more during your trip. This detailed guide tells you everything you need to know about Beeline SIM cards for tourists.

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I. Quick Facts about Beeline

Beeline is the second largest mobile operator in Uzbekistan after Ucell. Some key facts about Beeline in Uzbekistan:

  • Parent company: Veon
  • Network technology: GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE
  • 2G band: 900/1800 MHz
  • 3G band: 2100 MHz
  • 4G/LTE band: 800/1800/2600 MHz
  • Market share: Around 30% as of 2022
  • Coverage: Over 98% population coverage across Uzbekistan

So with its wide network coverage spanning the whole country and support for 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity, Beeline makes for a reliable choice to stay connected as a tourist.

II. Why Beeline When You’re Exploring Uzbekistan – Coverage and Speed

1. Beeline Coverage in Uzbekistan

Beeline Coverage

With 98% population coverage, Beeline has an extensive mobile network spanning all parts of Uzbekistan from major cities to small towns and villages.

Some specifics regarding Beeline’s coverage across Uzbekistan:

  • Cities and Towns: In major cities like Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva etc and smaller towns, Beeline coverage is excellent on 2G, 3G and 4G. You will easily get strong mobile signals.
  • Along Highways and Roads: The major highways connecting the cities and road routes in remote areas have largely consistent Beeline signals as you travel. So your connectivity won’t drop off while on the road.
  • Tourist Sites and Rural Areas: At top tourist sites like Registan complex in Samarkand, Beeline network is strong. Even in rural villages and smaller towns in provinces like Fergana, Beeline provides reliable voice and data coverage.

So wherever you travel across Uzbekistan, you can depend on Beeline for mobile network availability. Though coverage can be slightly patchy in very remote unpopulated areas.

2. Beeline Speed

Along with extensive signal coverage, Beeline also offers good data speeds leveraging its 4G/LTE network:

  • In major cities, Beeline 4G speeds range from 20-50 Mbps typically which is fast enough for apps, maps, social media etc.
  • In smaller towns and villages, speeds fall back to 3G but remain usuable at 5-15 Mbps.
  • At tourist sites, 4G speeds are very good due to infrastructure upgrades in recent years. You can easily make video calls and use data intensive apps.
  • Travelling between cities, 4G speeds on highways allow streaming, mobile gaming etc with 20-30 Mbps speeds.
  • In remote rural areas, patchy coverage means speeds are slower and can even fall back to 2G GPRS.

So for most common tourist destinations and routes, Beeline data connectivity is quick enough for everyday mobile internet use. Only deep rural areas have slower legacy networks.

II. Beeline Connectivity Options for Travelers to Uzbekistan

As a traveller to Uzbekistan, you have some options to get Beeline mobile connectivity:

Beeline Connectivity Options

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Physical SIM Card Inexpensive plans starting at $2.1 Requires visiting stores for activation
Unlimited local calls/SMS included Coverage and speeds vary outside cities
eSIM No store visit needed Higher costs for large data packages
Simple online activation Requires eSIM compatible device
Roaming with home provider Familiar phone number/account Very expensive international data rates
No need for local SIM Speeds often slower than local networks
Public Wi-Fi Free in some areas Availability can be unreliable
Useful for light tasks Security/privacy risks on public networks

Between the many options, getting a regular Beeline SIM card is easiest and works for everyone.

III. Best Beeline SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Below are the best Beeline SIM card packs for visitors and tourists to Uzbekistan with pricing:

Plan NameDataCall MinutesText MessagesValidityPrice (USD)
Welcome 15 GB500100030 days3.08 USD
Welcome 220 GB1000100030 days6.17 USD
Welcome 350 GB2000100030 days12.35 USD

Based on value, flexibility and suitability for short term use, we recommended options for tourists would be the Welcome 1 plan for very short trips, and Welcome 2 for 1-2 months of standard travel in Uzbekistan leveraging Beeline’s network coverage. 

IV. Does Beeline Support eSIM in Uzbekistan?

Yes, Beeline does technically offer eSIM support in Uzbekistan now making it possible to use an eSIM instead of physical SIM when visiting Uzbekistan.

However activating a tourist eSIM with Beeline can be complicated right now and may not be offered easily. But you can try enquiring once about eSIM if visiting Uzbekistan.

The easiest and universally supported option though remains purchasing a regular tourist prepaid Beeline SIM card by showing your passport instead of trying eSIM access.

Maybe in the near future as eSIM facilities develop, visitors may be able to readily activate Beeline Uzbekistan eSIM before travelling using online platforms.

V. Where can You Buy a Beeline SIM card and eSIM?

As a tourist, here are the recommended places to buy a prepaid Beeline SIM card when visiting Uzbekistan:

1. Where to Buy Beeline SIM for Uzbekistan?

Beeline store
Beeline store
  • Tashkent Airport – On landing at Tashkent International Airport, you can easily find Beeline sales counter near the arrival gates to buy new prepaid SIM packs.
  • Hotels – Many hotels in major cities have Beeline SIM cards for sale to guests along with tour packages. Nice convenient option.
  • Beeline Stores – There are dedicated Beeline outlets in Tashkent city and other tourist destinations like Samarkand, Bukhara etc where you can directly purchase SIMs.
  • Local Stores – Small mobile and top-up shops across Uzbek cities widely sell standard and tourist Beeline SIMs which you can buy showing passport.

So you’ll find no shortage of places to easily get prepaid Uzbekistan Beeline SIM cards on arrival as a visitor.

2. Where to Buy Beeline eSIM in Uzbekistan?

If you wish to try and activate a Beeline Uzbekistan eSIM instead of physical SIM, then main option is:

  • Uzbekistan eSIM¬†– From $11.1 for 300MB/day in 7 days, this option is suitable for short trips. In case you want to stay in Uzbekistan longer, try 10GB in 30 days. To explore more destinations, visit GIGAGO and choose your needs.

Buying regular plastic Beeline SIM cards from various sales outlets remains the foolproof connectivity option for now.

VI. How to Activate Beeline SIM card/eSIM in Uzbekistan?

Activating your new Beeline SIM or eSIM is very easy when in Uzbekistan:

1. How to Use Beeline SIM Card in Uzbekistan?

  • Insert SIM – First put your newly purchased Uzbekistan Beeline SIM card into your unlocked phone.
  • Select Beeline Network – Switch on phone and select Beeline UZ network manually from settings if not automatically picked up.
  • Activate SIM – Dial *111# to activate your new Beeline prepaid SIM in Uzbekistan. Follow steps to select your pack or plan to activate service.
  • You will get confirmation message of Beeline SIM activation with instructions to recharge for usage.

And you’re all set to start using mobile data, calling etc.

2. How to Activate Beeline eSIM?

If able to buy Beeline Uzbekistan eSIM as a traveller, you can activate it using:

  • Beeline App – Install My Beeline UZ app and login using details provided to activate your tourist eSIM. Follow prompts for activation.
  • USSD code – Alternatively, dial *111*1# USSD code in Uzbekistan on eSIM setup screen to activate Beeline eSIM service.
  • After successful activation, recharge your eSIM as needed to keep using it.

But again getting regular Beeline tourist SIM remains simpler connectivity option over eSIM currently.

VII. Uzbekistan Beeline Call & SMS Rates

Once your Beeline SIM is working, here are the call and text rates:

Call TypeRate (USD)
Calls to Beeline, 1st minute (Mo-Su 0-24)0.0048 USD
Calls to Beeline, additional minutes (Mo-Su 0-24)0.00024 USD
Calls to other networks (Mo-Su 0-24)0.0054 USD

Above rates are without any special packs. Calling other Beeline numbers can be cheaper along with data packs having call minutes. International calls start from 700 UZS/min depending on country.

So calling and messaging rates are very affordable on Beeline Uzbekistan if not bundled with your prepaid pack. Checking data-only SIM packs is suggested for longer travel.

VIII. Useful USSD Codes for Beeline SIM/eSIM

Here are some useful Beeline USSD codes to check balance, packs etc in Uzbekistan:

  • *102# – Check main balance
  • *555# – Check data balance
  • *558# – Check minutes balance
  • *105# – Check plan details and validity
  • *111# – SIM service activation
  • *111*1# – eSIM activation

So dial above codes anytime as needed to get updates on remaining balances.

IX. How to Top-up Beeline SIM/eSIM


Adding more credits is easy with Beeline in Uzbekistan through:

Vouchers – Buy top-up vouchers from stores, outlets displaying Beeline logo and redeem codes.

Apps – Recharge using Beeline online apps and portals using Uzbek card or other payment modes.

ATMs – Many ATMs here allow mobile prepaid recharges for suppliers like Beeline.

So multiple convenient ways for tourists to recharge Beeline SIMs when running low on validity or data usage.

X. FAQs about Beeline in Uzbekistan

Here are some additional frequently asked questions about using Beeline network in Uzbekistan:

Q: Does Beeline offer good internet speed in Uzbekistan?

A: Yes, Beeline offers excellent 4G speeds from 20-50 Mbps in major cities which is great for streaming, sharing travel photos etc. Only very remote villages have slower legacy networks.

Q. Is Beeline signal good across all tourist attractions?

A: Being the 2nd biggest provider, Beeline has 98% population coverage meaning its network spans almost all tourist destinations big or small across Uzbekistan.

Q. Can I recharge Beeline using international cards?

A: Beeline mostly accepts local Uzbek payment methods. But some top-up platforms may support international card payments, so check once. Carrying local currency is still easiest way.

Q. Are there any roaming charges on Beeline?

A: No, Beeline doesn’t charge for domestic roaming across Uzbekistan. Local calls and data rates apply countrywide. Only exiting to other countries incurs roaming fees.

Q. How can I get my Beeline SIM unlocked?

A: Tourist SIMs are sold unlocked only for visitor use. Getting regular SIM unlocking done as a foreigner is complicated. So get the correct unlocked SIM pack.

So that answers some key aspects to keep in mind when using Beeline connectivity in Uzbekistan as an overseas tourist.

XI. Conclusion

Beeline with its extensive network presence offers reliable phone and internet connectivity helping tourists freely navigate every highlight of Uzbekistan. Getting a prepaid Beeline SIM card on arrival with ease and activating quickly is all you need for that essential local connect to make your travels smooth and shareworthy!