Mobile operators play an important role in keeping Uzbekistan connected. With several operators to choose from, knowing which one best fits your needs is key. This guide provides a detailed comparison of the top mobile operators in Uzbekistan to help you make the right choice.

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I. List of Mobile Operators in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a mix of major mobile network operators as well as some smaller virtual mobile operators. The main operators dominate the market, while niche MVNOs target certain segments.

1. Main Mobile Operators in Uzbekistan


There are four major mobile network operators in Uzbekistan:

  • Beeline Uzbekistan: Beeline is the largest operator, with the broadest network coverage spanning all regions. It is owned by VEON, an international telecoms company operating across Eurasia.
  • Ucell: The second largest operator by subscribers. Ucell has focused network investments leading to high speeds. It is part of the state oil and gas firm Uzbekneftegaz.
  • UMS (Mobiuz): The smallest of the main four, USM offers competitive rates and promotions to gain market share. Recently rebranded from Perfectum Mobile.
  • Uzmobile: It is a subsidiary of Uztelecom. It offers both prepaid and postpaid mobile plans with competitive voice, data and roaming packages.

2. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Uzbekistan

Smaller operators that use the major networks include:

  • Mobifone – Focused on lower-income segments of the population with cheaper packages.
  • Oriyon Mobile – Youth-oriented virtual operator with strong social media and events presence.
  • Buzz Mobile – International calls provider registered as an MVNO locally.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operators in Uzbekistan

With several operators to pick from, choose the right one for your needs by evaluating:

  • Network Coverage: Beeline generally has the widest 4G coverage across Uzbekistan while Ucell leads in average mobile internet speeds. Check coverage maps.
  • Pricing Plans: All MNOs must meet local regulation on a standard prepaid voice tariff offer yet have flexibility around data rates which vary.
  • Services and Offerings: Assess unique offerings like youth plans, roaming packages, or business services provided on top of standard offerings.
  • Customer Service Reputation: Ucell and Beeline tend to score higher in local customer service assessments for responsiveness across channels.

III. Best Mobile Operators in Uzbekistan – Detailed Comparison

Below is the detailed comparison among top mobile operators in Uzbekistan:

Operator Coverage and speeds Prices and plans Other factors
  • Wide LTE coverage in major cities and towns reaching ~90% of population
  • LTE speeds average 15-30Mbps
Affordable prepaid and postpaid plans starting at $5-10 per month for calls/SMS with some data Part of Vimpelcom (now VEON) group, one of the largest operators globally
  • Largest 4G network coverage at ~95% population
  • LTE speeds average 10-25Mbps
Competitively priced plans similar to Beeline, also offers family plans Majority state-owned, largest network in country
Unitel/UMS (Mobiuz)
  • 4G coverage in Tashkent and major regions reaching ~80% population
  • LTE speeds average 8-20Mbps
Slightly higher postpaid plan prices than competitors but also offers bundles Privately owned subsidiary of EuroAfrica based in UAE
Uzmobile Smallest 4G network focused around Tashkent onlyLTE speeds average 5-15Mbps Budget operator with lower priced prepaid plans Fully state-owned subsidiary of Uzbektelecom

If you will be visiting Uzbekistan and need an affordable wireless data solution, I recommend checking out the eSIM plans available from Uzbekistan’s top carriers Beeline and Ucell on the website Uzbekistan eSIM provides travelers with a simple, seamless way to stay connected with high-speed data throughout their trip without having to deal with roaming charges or SIM cards. 

IV. Where to Buy SIM Card from Uzbekistan Mobile Operators?

Beeline store

Getting connected on arrival is easy by picking up a local prepaid SIM card:

  • SIM Card Sales Kiosks – Dedicated SIM card sales desks or sections are located right inside Tashkent international airport arrivals halls including 24/7 desks at the newer Terminal 3. Top-up balances also sold.
  • Retail Stores and Outlets – The major MNOs have flagship stores located within most shopping centers. Larger supermarkets carry SIM card inventory as well as independent top-up balance sellers peppered around cities.
  • Online Orders – E-commerce platforms like and will deliver SIM cards from Ucell, Beeline, UMS to your hotel or residence in Tashkent. Online signup and top-ups also available via operators’ mobile apps or websites.

V. Do Mobile Operators in Uzbekistan Offer eSIM?

eSIM technology has gradual rollout:

  • Get an eSIM from Uzbekistan eSIM and no worries about connection and speed. We supply eSIM for over 200 countries. You can have a better trip to Uzbekistan for only $11.1
  • Beeline launched eSIM support for compatible iPhone models enabling digital activation without physical SIM cards. Mostly targeted at international roaming visitors to Uzbekistan.
  • Ucell has run eSIM trials and plans to introduce a digital rollout. Full availability for visitors remains limited without local eSIM-compatible device launches.
  • UMS has not announced eSIM plans though as a newcomer is expected to follow other MNOs lead in supporting digital eSIM given benefits around account portability.


Which operators have best mobile internet in Uzbekistan?

Ucell has the fastest mobile data network with average download speeds of 37 Mbps while Beeline has the widest reaching 4G coverage at 89% of the population.

How can I check signal coverage for my hotel or apartment?

Use online coverage maps from operators to view down to street level signal reach estimations across 3G, 4G, and LTE bands to match your device’s network capability.

Is number portability available?

Yes, mobile number portability was introduced in early 2022 allowing switching operators while keeping your mobile number. Some restrictions to port numbers often apply during first 6 months.

Can I use international roaming?

Yes – Uzbek operators now offer prepaid roaming bolt-on packs for their subscribers within CIS countries. Beeline also provides roaming in 100+ other countries. Visitors can also roam internationally with own SIMs.

Which operator is cheapest? Can I get discounts?

Standard prepaid voice tariffs are uniform but data packages vary so compare based on usage needs. Students, pensioners and corporate clients may access discounted monthly plans subject to proof status.

VII. Conclusion

In summary, Uzbekistan’s mobile market provides quality connectivity focused around three vibrant MNOs: Beeline, Ucell and UMS. Beeline claims the widest overall coverage while Ucell boasts network speeds – together capturing the majority of subscribers. Niche MVNOs deliver targeted services though remain small. As networks expand into rural areas, availability nears ubiquity with competitive prepaid data and visitor bundles to satisfy diverse access requirements whether residing or simply just visiting “the heart of Central Asia”.