Getting a local Uzbekistan SIM card or eSIM for your phone or device can ensure you remain connected throughout your trip. This guide will provide key information on Uz mobile carrier options, best SIMs for tourists, where to buy them, how to activate and use them, costs, and more specifics to consider about staying connected with a Uz SIM card in Uzbekistan.

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I. Quick facts about Uz

Uzmobile is the main mobile carrier in Uzbekistan, operating under the consumer brand Uztelecom. Key facts about Uz in Uzbekistan include:

  • Founded year: Uzmobile was founded in 2011 as a sub-brand of Uztelecom.
  • Full company name: The full company name is Uztelecom Joint Stock Company. Uzmobile is a sub-brand of Uztelecom JSC.
  • Types of services provided: Uzmobile provides mobile communication services including cellular networks using CDMA-450 and GSM standards. It also offers services like fixed telephony, wireless broadband, VPN, IP telephony, IPTV, etc. targeting retail customers and small businesses.
  • Number of subscribers: The source does not provide specific subscriber numbers for Uzmobile. Uztelecom overall had expanded its CDMA network coverage to 71% of Uzbekistan by 2013.
  • Estimated number of network of stores, agents: The source does not provide an exact figure for number of Uzmobile stores/agents. However, it mentions Uztelecom provides services through a single sales office.
  • Customer support: There is no specific information provided about Uzmobile’s customer support. In general, Uztelecom’s support is likely available through call centers operating in Uzbek and Russian languages during regular business hours.

II. Uzbekistan Uz Coverage and Speed in Uzbekistan

Getting a local Uz SIM card ensures you tap into the leading Uzbek mobile network. Here are some details on what type of Uz coverage and speeds you can expect while traveling in Uzbekistan with a local SIM.

1. Uz coverage in Uzbekistan

Uz Coverage
  • 2G – Uz has over 99% 2G population coverage
  • 3G – Over 95% of people and places have Uz 3G access
  • 4G LTE – As of 2022, Uz 4G reached 95%+ of Uzbekistan’s population

In all major cities like Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva you’ll get excellent 3G and 4G LTE signals with a Uz SIM card throughout your stay. In rural areas, basic 2G connectivity is still common relying on legacy networks. But overall coverage is expansive across Uzbekistan with Uzmobile.

2. Uz speed

Testing shows typical Uz 4G LTE speeds averaging around 25-35 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up. In congested areas at busy times, you may only get 3G with speeds around 5-12 Mbps – still usable for basic internet access. Top tested speeds show Uz 4G LTE reaching up to about 75 Mbps down in ideal conditions on compatible devices. For reference, 3G ranges from 384 Kbps to about 25 Mbps while 2G maxes out below 500 Kbps. So aim for 4G access whenever possible!

III. Uz connectivity options for travelers to Uzbekistan

As a traveler to Uzbekistan, you have a couple options to connect your phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, or other cellular-enabled device to Uzbek networks:

Connectivity OptionProsCons
SIM card– Inexpensive rates for local calls/data 
– Can get a local number 
– Works on most unlocked phones
– Need to provide passport info for registration 
– Language barrier to set up account
Wi-Fi hotspots– Free basic connectivity 
– Available in some hotels, cafes, airports
– Limited/slow speeds 
– Coverage only in hotspot areas
International roaming– No need to change SIM cards
– Works with existing carrier/plan
– Very expensive rates for calls/data
– Slow speeds due to roaming
Portable Wi-Fi hotspot– Works like local broadband anywhere
– Can share with travel partners
– Upfront equipment cost
– Monthly subscription/data fees

For short trips under 30 days, getting a tourist Uz SIM card is most common for the convenience factor. But eSIMs allow more flexibility if you have an eSIM-compatible device. Read on for more about the best SIM card and eSIM options from Uz.

IV. Best Uz SIM cards for tourists & cost

For tourists visiting Uzbekistan for up to 30 days, Uz offers an International Tourist SIM card with great rates and packages tailored towards visitor needs.

Some key details about Uz’s tourist SIM in Uzbekistan:

Plan NameDataCallsPrice (USD)Validity
Travel 56 GB500 mins5.5 USD30 days
Travel 1012 GB1000 mins11 USD30 days

The 7-day and 30-day tourist SIM packages have generous enough data, talk time, and international calling access for most visitors not relying heavily on their phones. Power users can always add more minutes or bigger data packages via affordable top-ups if needed.

For longer trips, getting a standard prepaid SIM card from Uz is another good option, with similarly excellent rates.  

V. Does Uz Uzbekistan support eSIM? 

In 2022, Uzmobile launched eSIM support in Uzbekistan for compatible iOS and Android phones & smartwatches. Having an eSIM allows you to activate Uzmobile service remotely, without needing to physically insert a nano SIM card.

Some benefits of using Uz eSIM instead of physical SIM in Uzbekistan:

  • Don’t need to find & purchase SIM card
  • Remote activation before/upon arrival
  • Use regular + eSIM if dual SIM phone
  • Reprovision easily to local data plans

So while tourist Uz SIM cards provide the best plug-and-play connectivity, eSIMs offer more flexibility that some travelers may prefer for Uzbekistan.

VI. Where can you buy a Uz SIM card and eSIM?

You have a couple options to purchase Uz SIM cards for Uzbekistan. eSIMs can only be activated digitally direct from Uz.

1. Where to buy Uz SIM for Uzbekistan?

Uztelecom store

Popular options to buy Uz SIM card in Uzbekistan:

  • Airport – Upon arrival at Tashkent airport
  • Uz Stores – Widely available at Uz shops, kiosks, partners
  • Online – Pre-order for airport pickup or delivery in Uzbekistan

Buying at Tashkent’s airport upon arrival is the easiest and fastest option to get connected right away with a fresh Uz SIM. But Uz SIMs can be purchased just about anywhere across Uzbekistan at official stores, retailers, and partners if you miss getting one at the airport or want to shop around for best promotions.

Online pre-orders are also possible for delivery in Uzbekistan to your hotel or via airport pickup. This lets you lock-in a SIM card rate ahead of arrival.

2. Where to buy Uzbekistan Uz eSIM?

As eSIMs are digital, you activate service directly from Uzmobile online or via their app:

  • Uzmobile Website – Start activation process at
  • Uzmobile App – Download app and activate eSIM digitally

Follow the steps to sign-up and register payment info, then scan your passport/visa and await activation. Finally, download the service profile to enable your Uz eSIM!

VII. How to activate Uz Uzbekistan SIM/eSIM?

Activating your new Uz SIM card or eSIM is quick and convenient following a few simple steps.

1. How to use Uzbekistan Uz SIM card?

To activate a physical tourist SIM in Uzbekistan:

  1. Insert SIM and turn on phone
  2. Open browser and go to
  3. Choose language; enter SIM number & passport info
  4. Accept terms, register payment method
  5. Select preferred rate plan
  6. Wait for confirmation SMS

Once activated, you can insert into any unlocked phone and start using cellular & data immediately in Uzbekistan!

2. How to activate Uz Uzbekistan eSIM?

If you choose Uzmobile eSIM option instead, the activation process involves:

  1. Start at or in Uz app
  2. Select eSIM and choose tourist plan
  3. Enter passport details & payment info
  4. Confirm email and await activation
  5. Download eSIM profile and you’re connected!

No physical Uz SIM card required with an eSIM. Just download the service profile sent over-the-air and your Uz plan will be ready to use.

VIII. Uzbekistan Uz Call & SMS Rates

Uz SIM cards and eSIMs come with some domestic and international calling minutes. But knowing rates helps when budgeting extra usage.

Some key call & SMS rates on Uz network in Uzbekistan:

  • Local calls – 100 UZS/min (~$0.01)
  • National calls – 100 UZS/min (~$0.01)
  • SMS to local numbers – 50 UZS (~$0.004)
  • SMS international – 100 UZS (~$0.01)
  • Calls to US/Canada – 200 UZS/min (~$0.02)
  • Calls to UK/Europe – 300 UZS/min (~$0.03)

Very affordable rates even without an active plan. But bundles and tourist SIM packs reduce per-use charges further.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Uz Uzbekistan SIM/eSIM

USSD codes are useful for checking balances, usage details, or activating options directly from your phone’s dial pad.

Here are some common Uz USSD codes to know in Uzbekistan:

  • *100# – Check main balance
  • *107# – Remaining minutes
  • *105# – Data balance
  • *111# – Service info
  • *157# – Activate roaming

Simply dial the codes above to check or manage your Uz SIM without needing to use the mobile app.

X. How to Top-up Uz Uzbekistan SIM/eSIM

When needing to add more minutes, texts, or mobile data to your Uz SIM card or plan, topping up your balance is easy.

Popular ways to top-up your Uz SIM/eSIM:

  • Vouchers – Scan barcode with app or enter code
  • Online – Recharge via Uz website
  • Stores – Pay cash for vouchers at outlets
  • Agents – Local partners like grocery stores

Vouchers are the most common way to add credit for extra service. But convenient online top-ups are also possible on the Uzmobile site or using their mobile app.

XI. Alternatives to Uzbekistan Uz

As Uzmobile’s Uz brand dominates with over 95% mobile market share, alternatives are very limited in Uzbekistan.

The only other GSM option is Beeline, but with much more limited 2G/3G coverage focused mainly in Tashkent. So Uzmobile remains the clear choice for most travelers seeking the broadest coverage around Uzbekistan. Let’s explore data plans from Uzbekistan eSIM from GIGAGO:

For longer trips, some digital nomads or remote workers get rental WiFi hotspots or USB modems for laptops/tablets. These provide unlimited data usage on Uz’s network. However they are overkill for shorter tourist trips.

XII. FAQs about Uz in Uzbekistan

Can I use Uz SIM abroad?

Yes, Uz SIMs do work for roaming in nearby countries. But double check roaming is active before travel by using the *157# USSD code. Disabling data roaming is also recommended before crossing borders to ensure you don’t rack up unintended usage fees.

How to refill Uz SIM balance?

Topping up your Uz SIM is easy by purchasing and redeeming recharge codes online or vouchers available widely at stores/kiosks. Vouchers allow adding incremental amounts starting from 10,000 UZS ($0.80) up to any amount needed.

Do Uz SIM cards expire?

Yes, Uz SIM cards expire after 180 days without any activity. To keep it active, you’ll need to top up periodically even if not using it. Tourist SIMs have shorter 30-60 day expiration periods typically.

Does Uz have eSIM for smartwatches?

Yes, Uz supports eSIM connectivity in compatible iOS and Android smartwatches. Simply activate a data plan via eSIM similarly as you would on a smartphone. This allows using mobile data, messaging, and calls directly on a smartwatch while traveling.

XIII. Final Words

I hope this detailed guide gives you all the key information needed to stay connected with a tourist Uz SIM card or eSIM during your travels in Uzbekistan. With Uzmobile being the top network in Uzbekistan, getting a local Uz SIM ensures you tap into the fastest 4G speeds and broadest coverage no matter where you are exploring.

Both physical SIM cards and eSIM options provide excellent convenience and connectivity across this beautiful country. Have an amazing trip with the help of Uz keeping your mobile access smooth and affordable throughout your journey!